Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Once again a wide variety of music covering electro-pop, New Age and ambient.
In alphabetical order:

The latest from Michael Allison and one which combines the Darshan sound with a dose of jazz as he honours Miles Davis and John Coltrane. If you're not a big jazz fan don't be put of because I'm not a great lover of this style of music myself, but it honestly does not detract. In fact, if anything, it enhances the album because it adds that "surprise" factor.

Excellent new New Age album. You may well say there's nothing new about this CD but why should that cloud your judgement? The Stones have been producing the same music for decades and they're as popular as ever! Excellent compositions played faultlessly (to my ears, anyway).

Neil Fellowes third album and another change of style. His first album was definite New Age, his second was far more electronic. This one comes more into the "cinematic" category, as the title 

A double dose of Chris Newman's (Janus) music from his superb "The Unknown Radio Show." These are complete recordings of tracks that were only heard in part during many of the broadcasts. The music is linked to all things unknown and it really is quite unique.

Still referred to as electronic-pop (or probably IDM nowadays). Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen does, indeed, take you back to the 80s with this smooth, more laid-back dance-orientated EM.

Recorded  live performances from 2007-10 at The Grote of St Bavokerk, Netherlands, this is the latest album from Remy Stroomer. For your more "traditional" EM listener, maybe?

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